A Loan-Free Lifestyle
The Debt Disease – A Financial Infestation

America has a debt problem and we all get the blame. Credit firms throw cheap and easy money at people the moment they are old enough to legally sign their…

Fun Finance Photos

There’s a funny side to almost everything. You may also like: Corporate Finance versus Micro Finance – Easy Stuff

Thanksgiving Dinner – Budget DIY

If someone asked me about my favorite holiday, I’d probably go with Thanksgiving, thanks to all the universal nature of the occasion. And since this special day is fast approaching,…

8 Benefits of a Debt Free Life
Credit: pixabay.com

Who, in this day and age, can honestly say they have lived without borrowing a single cent/penny from a financial institution? Sure, we all borrow money at one point or…

Halloween – Budget DIY Decor
Old Halloween Costumes From Between the 1900's to 1920's (10)

Halloween’s almost round the corner (31st of October) so we thought we would do a small feature on the spookiest occasion of the year. Before we jump into design and…

Credit Bureaus – Risk Assessment Features and Pitfalls
...in the absence of decent credit bureaus...Source: ccparkcity.com

We’ve discussed the idea of credit scores before on this blog – innovations in the way credit bureaus work as well as how to improve your credit score without taking…

Aggressive Loan Recovery Practices – Who Gets the Blame?
Credit: loansharkfunding.net

Financial institutions are notorious for using extreme loan recovery practices, regardless of whether the borrower is in the position to pay back the loan or not. Thousands of borrowers/debtors get…

Over Supply Of Credit – Structural Problem In The Base Of The Economy
Credit: cheezburger.com

While everyone emphasizes the importance of outreach in any financial service offered to the poor, they often overlook the negative implications of excess supply of such tools, such as micro…

Budget Interior Design – Neutral Color Schemes

This is the eighth part of a post series on color schemes in interior design and décor. Part seven was about triadic color schemes. Using Neutral Colors in Your Home…

Budget Interior Design – Triadic Colour Schemes
Credit: homesynchronize.com

This is the seventh part of a post series on color schemes in interior design and décor. Part six was about split complementary color schemes. As we’ve discussed in earlier…

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