5 Emotional Tools For Reducing Debt – Fight The Credit Urge

Getting debt free isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. Half the battle is keeping your wits about you and a positive attitude, all nurtured by a frugal lifestyle. We have already discussed 8 reasons for you to say no to credit, and today we share some simple tips, or as we like… Read More »

The Debt Disease – The Problem of Easy Credit

America, like a lot of other countries, has a financial disease – the problem of easy credit – and we all get the blame. Credit firms throw cheap and easy money at people the moment they are old enough to legally sign their names and the show continues for several years till it becomes a… Read More »

Thanksgiving on a Budget – Dinner at Home

Celebrate thanksgiving on a budget this year, almost everyone’s favorite holiday! The universal nature of the occasion increases its appeal to people from all religions. Since this special day is fast approaching, we thought we’d share some tips about celebrating this heartwarming holiday without putting a dent on your wallet. But first, here’s a little… Read More »

8 Reasons to Reduce Debt Today and Stay Away From Loans

There are many reasons to reduce debt yet a debt-free life seems like a far-fetched idea these days. Who, in this day and age, can honestly say they have lived without borrowing a single cent/penny from a financial institution? Sure, we all borrow money at one point or the other from friends and family, but… Read More »

Halloween on a Budget – DIY Decor

Plan your Halloween on a budget because it’s almost round the corner (31st of October) and here to help is this article about the spookiest occasion of the year. Before we jump into affordable design and decor ideas for celebrating Halloween, let’s go over the history to get a bit of perspective. The Creepy History… Read More »

How Credit Bureaus and Credit Rating Agencies Work

We’ve discussed the idea of credit scores before on this blog as well as how to improve your credit score without taking out hefty loans, just to name a couple of articles that we shared with you. Today we get look at the basics of how credit bureaus and credit rating agencies work by getting… Read More »

Aggressive Debt Recovery / Credit Collection Practices

Financial institutions are notorious for using extreme debt recovery / credit collection practices, regardless of whether the borrower is in the position to pay back the loan or not. Thousands of borrowers/debtors get evicted from their homes thanks to poorly managed mortgage schemes, for which both the homeowners and banks are at fault. And thousands… Read More »

Excess Supply Of Credit

While everyone emphasizes the importance of outreach in any financial service offered to the poor, they often overlook the negative implications of excess supply of credit. Economic theory suggests markets work best if demand and supply are matched, and when there is a shortage or excess of either force, sellers may be left with unsold… Read More »

Neutral Color Schemes – Low Budget Home Decor

This is the eighth part of a post series about color schemes in interior design. Here on Debt-Free Lifestyle, we share with your technical stuff related to interior design so you can design your home in the most budget friendly manner possible, by doing it all yourself! Part seven was of this post series was… Read More »