Fiscal Freedom

Want a life free of financial worries?

A mind full of fiscal awareness?

You’ve come to the right place, because we gather here our best articles about different financial topics, with a free humorous image to brighten your day.

Financial Independence

A life free of financial worries and stress

financial freedom and independence_1

Start your journey to financial freedom and independence today by reading articles that will help you along the way. Learn about budgeting, getting rid of debt, surviving without student loans, retirement planning, youth saving plans and a lot more.

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Finance with a soul

Articles about socially responsible finance

Not all lending agencies are profiteers – some engage in ‘socially responsible’ finance too. Browse articles to see how financial firms give back to the society in the area of disaster relief, climate change,female empowerment, healthcare, and the list goes on.

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Digital Finance

Branchless banking, plastic money and everything else in-betweendigital finance_3

Embrace the ubiquitous world of digital finance with these articles on mobile money and branchless banking. Learn about the benefit mobile banking offers to the masses, along with the emerging risks in this field.

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Sound Financial Decisions

making good financial decisions_4

Our articles explore and disarm a range of financial tools and conundrums so you can better evaluate different aspects of financial decisions life throws at you.  

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Fiscal Awareness

financial awareness_4

Be a financially savvy and fiscally conscious individual. Our articles will share the ABCs of topics as common as types of loans, determinants of interest rates charged on your loan and different types of banking.

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Humor Me


Lighten the mood with these funny images from the world of finance. Almost all our articles feature a humorous image to go along with the image, and we collect these here for your entertainment. So go ahead and start browsing!

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Basics of Insurance

insurance articles (2)_2

If you’ve got insurance or are thinking of getting it, these articles will teach you all the basics you need to know.

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Sense of Credit Scores


These articles explain the complex topic of credit scoring. Learn about the credit rating business from a micro and macro angle.

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Financial issues 

financial issues and concerns and risks_3

The world of finance isn’t free of risks and problems. Read up on different issues that plague the financial sector.

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